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People are shopping on their smart phones: here's what you can do

This is a special project which was done privately for a special client. I met her in one of my event, and she was astonished by the size of this really rare Japanese Akoya pearl. The pearl has a magnificent lustre and color, perfect in round shape and with the size of 15.5mm, it is absolutely extraordinary and rare. To have a Japanese pearl at this size, it takes numerous years and even decade in order to achieve this size. Not only the quality of water, but the entire process and environment can affect the shape, color and lustre of the pearl.

Without a doubt, the client knew it was a good and rare piece and immediately feel in love and wishes to purchase it. As first i didn't want to sell it but seeing the wonder and persistence of the client, i finally sold it and made this wonderful majestic ring for her.

If you have any special need, send us a message with your smart phone, send us the photo, i'll be glad to help.

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